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If you didn't find the answer on your question, you can ask us by filling the form. — is an innovative Bitcoin Mixer, with a main purpose of providing security and anonymity to its users. is able to terminate the connection between your old and new Bitcoin addresses and provide a full anonymity and protection from cybercriminals, who track and monitor your cryptocurrency every day.

Bitcoin Mixer — is a set of tools or service that provides anonymity to the very first cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. Bitcoin Mixer terminates the connection between addresses inside the blockchain, while making it impossible to carry out any analysis or identification of the owner. There are many technologies that are referred to as Bitcoin Mixers. We have developed our own method of attaining anonymity of Bitcoin transactions by consulting with ex-staff of analytical companies, who have disclosed all their secrets to us.

No, Bitcoin is not anonymous and has never been. Bitcoin is a classical blockchain, which represents a public ledger. Think over these words – public ledger. Anyone can view it and track any funds transactions. Once your address is spotted on the internet or anywhere else, then criminal is able to completely track all funds transactions within your wallet, which will eventually lead him to the exchange, or any service that you paid for, or anywhere else where your identity was identified. It is quite easy to find the owner of Bitcoin address.

There may be various reasons for mixing, including provision of anonymity to your journalistic source, banal hiding of your financial activities from strangers, etc. Anonymity – is a right of every person and it is never superfluous.

You can mix any number of coins, since we do not limit the maximum number. Our system automatically adjusts itself to the necessary volume and guarantees to send back to you the mixed coins within 48 hours (as long as you didn’t specify the delay of more than 48 hours).

Currently, you can mix minimum — 0.001 BTC and plus 0.00004416 BTC for every destination address.
In total, for each destination address there are 0.00104416 BTC.

In case if you send less Bitcoins than the minimum limit, no mixing will occur.
You will be able to return your coins back after deduction of transactional commissions to miners by writing to us via feedback form.

Currently we support all possible formats: Legacy, SegWit, P2SH, Native SegWit.

In overall, mixing of cryptocurrencies is legal, but at the same time it depends on the specific country and its legislation. In some countries the mixing of cryptocurrencies is allowed, whereas some laws prohibit mixing of large amounts.
We request you to familiarize yourself with the legislation of your country in relation with cryptocurrencies mixing, and also to check out our user agreement prior to placing your order for mixing.
Utilization of our service and responsibility for its usage is solely on you, hence we recommend you to be careful with regards to this matter.

After first mixing at you will receive a unique code. With help of this code, we guarantee that you will never receive your own coins from previous transactions. Simply use this code for all your future mixing orders.

You can select the delay up to 72 hours, and also specify an instant sending of mixed funds. We guarantee that any amount will be mixed within 48 hours (for large amounts), but usually coins get sent right after the delay period specified by you or instantly, in case if you did not specify the delay.

There is no difference, they are synonyms.

Of course, there is a mirror in the TOR network, and the address is:

Letter Of Guarantee is a confirmation of our obligations. With help of it you can always prove the fact that you made and exchange with us. In addition, the Letter Of Guarantee is used to contact us with regards to orders, which were already deleted, since we do not store this data.

We store only necessary technical information during the effect period of your order. Once the order is deleted, we won’t have any other data related to your order.

You can even send 100 transactions to the address specified in the order. They all will be mixed and sent to your clean address.

Most importantly – do not panic, all problems can be resolved. Please, contact us via feedback form

Most of wallets allow to check the signed messages. For example, in order to access Electrum, please press "Tools->Encrypt/Decrypt Message" (Tools->Encryption/Message encryption). Key in your message and signature from the warranty statement. We use this address for signing all the messages: "1YoMixKuHMxwm4JTpjc5kaEesSg9Pk8ZR ".

You can also use the following page:
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